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In 2008 Google rolled out what they call their AutoComplete also know as AutoSuggest or AutoFill program.

This tool can be very useful for individuals and people looking to expand on what they are trying to find in the search engines, but at the same time can cause serious problems for business owners and prominent people when the wrong auto suggest phrase gets associated with their name or business name.

Many business owners find themselves with the AutoFill of “business name scam” which instantly can cause a lost in business and problems for the company.

We have spent months of R&D and testing to determine exactly what causes these auto suggest problems and how to quickly and effectively fix them.  After several months of testing we have effectively launched our “AutoSuggest RX” solution.  With this solution we can quickly fix your auto suggest problems.  This solution is extremely effective and works very well.

What is Google Auto Suggest?

If you’ve ever conducted a Google web search before you’re probably familiar with the auto suggest feature, which automatically provides a list of recommended search terms/phrases based on the letters you’ve already typed.  Although most people are under the impression that these terms are listed because a lot of searchers have manually typed them into the search engine, this is not always true. The terms recommended by Google Auto Suggest or Auto Complete are usually listed in order based on popularity, creating the potential for a cascade effect as more people begin clicking on the top suggested terms.

For example, if the term “why is the sky blue” appears in the Auto Suggest list after you’ve just typed the word  “why,” this doesn’t necessarily mean that most people are typing the query “why is the sky blue,” it could simply mean that a lot of people have been clicking that suggestion out of curiosity, even though they originally intended to type something else. As more people are distracted from their original search ideas to click these seemingly random suggestions, the viral effect takes over and the terms that get clicked the most move to the top of the list.

This otherwise convenient search feature can create a problem for companies and individuals when negative statements about their business or personal reputation are listed amongst the suggestions. Imagine this scenario: A potential customer or new acquaintance begins typing your company or birth name in the Google search box. Before they even have a chance to finish typing the following suggestion appears at the top of a dropdown list “(your business/personal name here) is a scam.” It’s not hard to see how this could have a profoundly negative impact on your business or personal life.

How We Fix a Google Auto Suggest Problem

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The average web searcher believes that these negative recommendations are actually what most people are typing, and instantly get the impression that this search term must be based on truth because it is so popular. The truth is, more often than not this suggestion is only at the top of the list because other searchers were curious enough to click it while in the process of typing something completely different!

Our AutoSuggest RX program is designed to eliminate negative or unwanted auto suggestions and replace them with targeted positive auto suggestions.  We work with our clients to pick 3 to 5 positive keywords they would like to show up in the auto suggestion and then use our technology to decisively implement these changes.  Through a combination or organic search quires across targeted geographic areas and social media buzz we are able to effectively change the auto suggest.

We recommend using our AutoSuggest RX program in combination with a reputation management program to lock up the first pages for each targeted keyword.  This will give you or your company complete control of your online presence.

Why Did the Auto Suggest Appear in the First Place?

Another way the Google Auto Suggest feature can be coaxed into recommending negative search terms is through defamatory blog posts or forum threads that go viral. If someone writes something bad about your company or personal reputation online, and then begins sharing this information through social networks, the news can spread like wildfire, causing a frenzy of searchers to type the title or topic of the negative blog post into the Google search box, and ultimately resulting in the term reaching the Auto Suggestion list.

Nine times out of ten Auto Suggest terms originate from one piece of negative content that generates a significant amount of interest. Eventually this single article is rewritten and rehashed by webmasters that are desperate to generate traffic using any bit of controversy they can find. As word of mouth progresses and more people begin to search for this article, or a variation of it, the topic hits the suggested search list and the defacing begins.

Fortunately, the professionals at InternetReputation.com know how to change Google Auto Suggest terms through a combination of content publishing, and proprietary technology. We fight fire with fire by taking advantage of the same viral concept that causes negative terms to appear in the Auto Suggestion list.

We can also publish content that targets negative search terms to remove unwanted web pages from the top of the search results. For example, if you’re trying to remove the term “(your company name here) is a ripoff,” we can ensure that even if someone were to click that suggestion, they would be brought to pages that portray a positive view of your company or personal reputation. In addition, once we’ve repaired your reputation we can launch a protective campaign to continually monitor Auto Suggest terms and recently published content in order to maintain your internet reputation. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you change Google Auto Suggest terms, contact us at 1-800-758-9012 for a free consultation.