Mugshot Removal Service for

Mugshot Removal Service for

We specialize in online reputation management and record removal, we have removed thousands of records for our clients. Our firm is the global leader in mugshot removal and online privacy.

How We Can Help Get Your Mugshot Off

We offer a quick service that can remove your photo from, and we’ll break the back links to Google at the same time. We guarantee our work, so you won’t see your photos reappear on the site, and we work quickly. Within minutes, we can pull your photo down and give you back the privacy you deserve. Contact us and we’ll get started.

Assessing the Damage

Photos that appear on are far from buried. The developers of the site load images with keywords, and all of those keywords help to drive up traffic on Google. As soon as your photo appears on, it’s easy to find with a simple Google search of your name.

The damage might even be more extensive, if modern research is to be believed. According to news reports, researchers in England have found that one website in the world can be connected to another website anywhere else in the world with just 19 clicks. The web really is connected, and it’s likely that just having your photo online anywhere could make it easy for someone to stumble across. also tries to make your photo spread, as the site contains quick buttons users can click on to share your photo via Twitter, Facebook and email.

Measuring the Impact

The idea of your photo appearing in front of your friends or your grandmother might make you feel shame, but a mugshot could do more than just cause you to blush. In fact, a mugshot might keep you from getting a job.

According to an article published in The New York Times in 2010, a standard employer background check can cost a company between $100 and $175. That’s a lot of money, especially as the economy continues to struggle and companies continue to look for ways to keep revenues up and costs down. Some companies are choosing to cut costs by doing their own DIY background checks, and they’re using Google to perform those checks. If your mugshot is on, it’ll appear on that employer background check, and away might go your chances to get a good job. With the unemployment rate in Pennsylvania standing at about 7 percent in most counties, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this is no laughing matter.


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