Kentucky Internet Mugshot Removal

If you have recently found your mugshot picture and arrest record on or another Kentucky mugshot website.

We provide a quick and effective solution and have serviced thousands of clients. We can remove mugshots from, including performing a so-called “hard sweep” that can break all existing links on Google, ensuring a thorough removal within mere hours of a request. Feel free to contact us for pricing information or use our below online secure form to confidentially process your removal request.


History on Kentucky Mugshots &

Stories of crime can sometimes be bafflingly amusing. For example, the Huffington Post reported the story of a Kentucky man who was arrested in a supermarket after he’d smashed the window, emptied the fire extinguishers and written the word “sorry” on the floor using cold medications. Reading a story like this might make people feel more comfortable with their own hum-drum lives, as they might realize that their stuffed animal collections or fern obsessions aren’t really that weird when they’re compared to the behaviors of those who are arrested.

Schadenfreude like this can obscure the fact that real, living people are harmed when their arrest records become public, and if these people live in Kentucky, that damage might be hard for them to repair without help.

Kentucky is an open-records state, meaning that anyone can make a request and be given access to sensitive governmental documents. According to Freedom Kentucky, a request must be granted within 3 working days, and there are limits on how much an organization can charge for copies. Theoretically, anyone in Kentucky could use this law to find out about those who are arrested. makes the process much simpler. This website simply pulls down photographs and arrest information from sheriff’s offices and the courts and makes that data available for the whole world to see at no charge at all. contains no hot buttons people can click on to remove their photographs, and there are no guidelines provided about who is shown and why. Some other sites, including, will remove photographs if people are proven innocent of their crimes, and they provide straightforward instructions people can follow to remove their information. provides no such instruction, and no phone numbers or mailing addresses for the company are shown online.

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