We Remove & Delete Alabama Mugshot Records

Are you featured on Alabama.arrests.org or another Alabama mugshot website? We offer quick and guaranteed removal of mugshot images and records from the Internet!

We are the industry pioneer in mugshot removal and have helped hundreds of clients remove their mugshot records from the Internet.  Alabama is one of the newest states to release mugshot information to the public and Alabama.arrests.org is a private website that has developed technology to scrape these mugshot files from the government site and host them on their website.

Alabama.arrests.org is an arrests.org website that was launched in April of 2012.  The site has sister websites in Georgia – Georgia.arrests.org, Florida – Florida.arrests.org and North Carolina – NorthCarolina.Arrests.org.  We have been helping clients from Florida and all across the United States remove their mugshot records since online mugshots have become an issue.  We have access to more files and removal sites than any other company and use advanced removal techniques to expedite your mugshot removal from Google and all major search engines.

Our Alabama mugshot removal program is guaranteed and we remove your mugshot picture, arrest information and all other personal information from Alabama.arrests.org or any other Alabama mugshot website within 24 hours.

Why is My Mugshot on Alabama.Arrests.org?

Several sheriff departments in Alabama, specifically in the following counties have made mugshot records public; Baldwin, Madison, Marshall, Mobile, Montgomery, Shelby and Tuscaloosa. If you live in one of those counties and have recently been arrested changes are you mugshot will be online.  Mugshot websites like Alabama.Arrests.org have a unique ability at going back many years to get booking information.  For instance, in Florida the website has mugshot records dating as far back as 1999.

Mugshot websites like Alabama.arrests.org typically use ad revenue websites to generate income.  The more pages the websites have the more income they can generate.

How Do I Remove My Mugshot from Alabama.Arrests.org and Other Alabama Mugshot Sites?

The first question someone asks when they stumble across their arrest record is, “How do I get that off the Internet?” Having your mugshot information plastered across the Internet is not something you want and can cause a number of problems in your life.  Our mugshot removal fee covers Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, MSN and all the other major search portals.  We offer guaranteed removal and make sure that it is removed from each and every search engine. We guarantee to have the page dead within 24 hours and removed from Google within 72hours. Our service is quick and effective, we have been helping people remove their mugshot records from the Internet for longer than almost any service and stand behind our mugshot removal program.

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